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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Aracruz

Total Budget: $71,500

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Equip the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the surgical center of Sao Camilo Hospital and Maternity in order to help and assist with the current demand of the population for health services. Throughout the description of this project, we will use the term Sao Camilo Hospital instead of the full name of the institution.

We have identified at Sao Camilo Hospital Foundation a priority of support from Rotary Club due to the current critical situation of this important institution, which supports the city of Aracruz and its surrounding towns.

The Sao Camilo Hospital was founded in 1967 and, after almost 50 years, the people still counts on this institution, which is the only one in the city. When it was founded, the Hospital attended in full the current population (26 thousand people at that time). Up from that time, the population has practically quadrupled (96 thousand people in 2016, according to IBGE's data), representing a growth of 370% on the demand for health services, but still counting on the same structure of the 60s.

Thus said, the Sao Camilo Hospital faces serious structural problems that are compromising the health service quality for the local community.

After a visit to the Sao Camilo Hospital by some members of the Rotary Foundation, the urgencies of the Hospital were thoroughly observed, which is the modernization of the enlargement of the ICU.

The requested project could be implemented within 120 days after receipt of all required funds, and would have a continuous and sustainable lifecycle, helping thousands of lives in that period.

Our project would provide the necessary equipment to meet the needs of the hospital and its patients in 4 new ICU beds.

The project benefited the entire population of Aracruz, João Neiva, Ibiraçu, Fundão, Santa Tereza and Santa Maria de Jetibá, neighboring cities located in Espírito Santo, District 4410, which use the structure of the Hospital São Camilo because it is the nearest health institution , totaling a population of more than 195 thousand inhabitants.

The project will meet the needs of health care, especially in emergency cases with ICU, because today in the condition that the Hospital is, there is a need to seek care in the capital, which is 100km away, where the low income population finds great difficulty of access, due to the necessity of transportation, place of companion stay, costs to keep out of the city, among others.

Who will be responsible for collecting information for monitoring and evaluation?

Rotary Foundation Committee, Rotary Club of Aracruz, composed of the following members:

Jerri Tonini Minchio

Lavidson Curto

Fernanda Fraga

Marilza Sarmenghi

Renata Corti

Marilene De Angeli

Evilasio Oliveira Costa

Horácio Batista

Divaldo Crivilin

0Project funds. The entire project is budgeted at $ 71.459,61. Of this amount, the Club has already guaranteed the value of $ 15,000.00. We are looking for an international partner of $ 25,000.00

Primary Host Partner

District: 4410

Rotary Club of: Aracruz

Primary Contact: Fernanda Fraga

Email: fernanda@macrocell.com.br

Primary International Partner

District: 3000

Rotary Club of: Perambalur

Primary Contact: Ramesh

Email: maruthi.ramesh@gmail.com

Project Status

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #15000.

Proposed Financing

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Aracruz (4410)





District 3000 DDF





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Note: as of July 1, 2015 there is a 5% additional support fee for cash contributions. This fee does not appear in the financials above because it does not apply if the funds are sent directly to the project account (without going through TRF, and therefore without Paul Harris credit). Clubs sending their cash contribution to TRF must be aware they will have to send an additional 5%.

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System Entry

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Fernanda Fraga

System Entry: Pledge of $15,000 by Fernanda Fraga of the Rotary Club of Aracruz, District 4410.


by Mauro Duarte

System Entry: Pledge of $12,000 DDF by Jesse Tanchanco of District 3780.


by Mauro Duarte

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".


by Fernanda Fraga

System Entry: Pledge of $10,000 with $16,250 DDF by Fernanda Fraga of the Rotary Club of Aracruz, District 4410.


by Fernanda Fraga

System Entry: Project reverted to "Published".


by Fernanda Fraga

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".

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