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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Teresina

Total Budget: $40,000

Areas of Focus: Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, Economic and community development

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This project aims to adapt an already existing sports court to create a space for sports, leisure and culture in the Vila Ferroviária neighborhood, a poor, needy and violent community in the city of Teresina, capital of the state of Piauí, Brazil. The site is managed by Associação Fraternidade, a non-profit organization founded in 2007, which carries out various community projects and interventions to improve the living conditions of the residents.

The Vila Ferroviária community is especially characterized by a high crime rate (trafficking and consumption of drugs, homicides and violence in general). Its residents are low-income and low-level families, overwhelmingly experiencing vulnerabilities and social risks. There are unemployed and unemployed adolescents with no prospects of life.

The actions of the Fraternity Association reach more than 1,300 people, distributed in 284 families, properly mapped, who participate or have already participated in projects such as Walk for Peace, Talent Show, Community Bazaar and others. It maintains institutional relations with the Anti-Drug Nucleus of the Government of the State of Piauí and has already received resources from international organizations such as the Ministry of Development of the German Government and the German Caritas.

The Rotary Club of Teresina Piçarra accompanies the work and maintains a partnership with the Fraternity Association since 2015, and has delivered, through district grant projects, a Computer Room, a Bazaar-Shop for the sale of used clothing and joinery equipment . There is, however, no place in the whole community to practice sports and cultural activities.

In this way, the RC of Teresina Piçarra decides to take a more daring step by presenting this GLOBAL SUBSIDY PROJECT as an innovative response to the prevention and reduction of vulnerabilities of children and adolescents of the Vila Ferroviária: the adaptation of an existing block in the Association, currently in situation physics of great deterioration, although still in use, in order to make it a space of culture and sport for the community, through interventions that will allow its use for the practice of various sports and cultural activities, among which we will discuss.

JUDÔ: The project will increase the scope of the Judo Fraternity program, currently held outside the headquarters, away from the homes of the children and adolescents involved, and which is not always available. The program is funded by the Coordination of Drug Coordination of the State Government, which covers the costs with instructor, equipment and food after the activity. In addition to the limitation of space, the number of people served, which today is 70 (seventy) beneficiaries, could reach 150 (one hundred and fifty) with the completion of the project.

SKATE: Skate-School program, also funded by the State Drug Coordination goes through even greater difficulties. Currently 47 (forty-seven) children and adolescents, aged 6 to 167 years, practice the sport in the existing court, with a very deteriorated floor, without ramps, and only in the morning, considering the high temperatures of Teresina. The project will allow covered space and structure for sports practice at all times and with the possibility of adding other publics, including adults, especially drug users, in initial consumption, which are quite common in the community.

FUTSAL: currently about 30 (thirty) adolescents use the court in the afternoon shift, sporadically because of the precarious conditions. A covered space, in the same way, would allow the regularity of this sport, its organization as a school and even the possibility of holding municipal sports events, with interaction among the futsal schools of the capital, which would open opportunities for youngsters to become professionalized in sports.

VOLEI: still incipient modality considering the existence of only one volunteer, resident in the community, that offers classes to just over 20 (twenty) young people, in the current block that has very poor floor and no network. Our project will allow prospective partners to professionalize the offer of this service.

BASKETBALL / HANDBALL: two modalities offered in partnership with the Federal Institute of Education of Piauí (IFPI), which provides an instructor twice a week (one for each sport). The interest of young people has increased greatly. The classes also take place in an external location, in a school of the municipal network, which does not guarantee permanence due to other activities of the own granting institution of the space.

CAPOEIRA / JIU-JITSU: they are not being offered, although there is interest of the young people of the community. The Association has already received proposals for partnerships with this objective but did not continue with the actions due to the lack of adequate physical space, which would be solved with the implementation of the project.

BALLET: Balé Fraternity project with 42 girls and a boy, aged 5 (five) to 11 (eleven), with a volunteer teacher paid by the parents of the students through a monthly contribution, which they often can not honor financial difficulties. Our project would include a venue for the presentation of this group, which could be greatly expanded.

DANCES AND ARTISTIC PRESENTATIONS: annually the Association organizes cultural events on commemorative dates (Mother's Day, June, Christmas, and others), which involve the whole community. The difficulty, once again, is spatial, due to the absence of adequate space, with lighting, sound system, bathrooms, etc. Nowadays, these events are carried out in borrowed / assigned spaces, often inappropriate, such as the street, the church, vacant lots and others.

The project aims to fulfill the dream of these residents to have a multipurpose space that serves all of these goals, through physical interventions, specifically in the reform of the court, placement of metallic cover and installation of sound and lighting systems, everything which will allow the continuous and face-to-face monitoring of these activities, which would be concentrated in one place and managed in an integrated manner, improving the management of material, human and financial resources.

The physical equipment installed by the project will be kept under the custody and administration of the Fraternity Association which, through its public and private institutional partnerships, will be responsible for the sustainability of all the activities resulting from it, described above. The experience of 11 (eleven) years of work in the State of Piauí, with a history of receiving international resources and auditing and the credibility gained in three (3) recent district grant projects through the RC de Teresina Piçarra (D 4490) accredits this institution for the proposed challenge.

Its estimated cost is US $ 40,000.00 (forty thousand dollars) or approximately R$ 158,000.00 (one hundred and fifty eight thousand reais).

In the social field, the "ROTARY FRATERNITY" CULTURAL-SPORTIVE SPACE will contribute to the promotion of community security and protection, including the involvement of marginalized young people, who are not yet served by projects, mostly idle, with low self-esteem, isolated from family life and social, many of them in the process of being attracted by the illicit traffic and other activities so prevalent in the region.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4490

Rotary Club of: Teresina-Picarra

Primary Contact: 55 86 98853 1214

Email: alexandremagalhaes@umadv.com.br

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #15000.

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