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Project Description

Region: South-East Asia

Country: India

Location: Sangamner

Total Budget: $35,000

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

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Objective/s of the project:

1: To upgrade medical infrastructure to treat more patients with increasing demand over the years due to better awareness and cater to Cornea related Medical Issues

2: To improve quality by employing current technology.

Need of the project:

Since its inception, population of Sangamner block has increased significantly. Technology for treatment has since advanced from the days the hospital was initially set up. The current project proposal will meet these increased requirements of number of patients as well as technology

Scope of the project:

The infrastructure at REH is expanded and modernized to handle every year 10,000 outpatients in outreach camps and 1,500 surgeries will be performed in the hospital. REH has been serving about US$160,000 every year for operation of REH (US$ 2 per eye checkup and US$ 150 per surgery). REH will now gear itself up to provide Cornea related and Eye Banking services for surgeries and eye care services.

Over the period of next 7 years, additioanl Cornea medical service will be provided by REH with an investment of US$ 34,000 in this project.

List of medical equipment proposed to be purchased:-

Laminar Flow Hood (1)

Specular Microscopy (1)

Slit Lamp evaluation of whole globe and cornea (1)

Refrigerator for storing cornea and serology kit (2)

Computer (1)

Other necessary equipments

Description of the project:

REH will provide required premises, infrastructure and furniture at its own cost. It will operate the facility with its own technicians, doctors and administrative staff with its own funds & maintain the equipments at its own cost for minimum 7 years.

Beneficiaries of the project:

About 5,000 patients from economically weaker strata of the society are treated in the hospital free of cost. Almost 80% of the patients treated are from rural areas and majority are ladies 60+ age. Patients who have ability to pay will be charged reasonably and that would partially support the free surgeries and operation and maintenance at REH.

Club's Resources:

A committee of RC Sangamner will be set up to plan, monitor, organize and implement this project. The committee will undertake monthly and quarterly review of functioning of the Hospital.

The Club will raise its share of funds required for this project through its own members, well-wishers and sponsors.

Schedule of Execution:

It is expected that financial closure of this project will take place by June 2019. The new equipment will be operational by June 2019.

Sustainance of the Project:

Use and maintenance of these equipments and the hospital is reviewed on quarterly basis by the Club. The Committee reports the Board on quarterly basis.

The committee work out outreach and awareness camps and also evaluate actual performance against the plan. Reports are prepared to monitor benefits to the weaker sections of the society.

Hospital's medical and paramedical staff would be trained for using new equipment by the supplier. They are also updated with the latest techniques and processes.

Proposed Funding for the Project:

Funding: Rotary clubs and District and TRF contribution

RC of Sangamner -India ........$5000 ......... $2500

RI District 3132 - India ......$3000 ....... ..$3000

International Partner .........$5000 ......... $2500

RI Dist. International Partner $5000.. ........$5000


Grand Total ............................$34000

Primary Host Partner

District: 3132

Rotary Club of: Sangamner

Primary Contact: Malpani Dilip

Email: dilip@malpani.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $23,334
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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