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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro

Total Budget: $102,748

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

The objective of this project is to install a photovoltaic power generator unit at the headquarters of Casa Maria de Magdala - CMM, so that the institution no longer has high expenses with electricity bills and can generate savings of financial resources for application in its various services to the community. Casa Maria de Magdala is a non-profit institution (NGO) that provides ambulatory care and with hospitalization to adult patients and children with HIV; caring of families with HIV members; prevention of contagion with the disease; caring of abandoned children with special needs (including those separated from the parents by court order); and children education (literacy and basic education) and adult (vocational/professional) education. Services provided by Casa Maria de Magdala benefits poor its adjacent poor communities of Sapê, Santa Bárbara, Ititioca, Caramujo, Maria Paula, Matapaca, Badu and Largo da Batalha; and directly benefits: 35 individuals (18 adults and 17 children) housed/interned (with our without medical care); 8,833 individuals (5,064 adults and 1,384 children, adolescents and young people) assisted by the various medical clinics and pharmacy; and 165 assisted families (an average of 1,323 individuals) with outpatient, educational and provision of basic food supplies. More information about Casa Maria de Magdala is available at http://www.casamariademagdala.org/.

Utility and need of this Project was identified through interviews with Casa Maria de Magdala's management, analysis of its fixed costs, identified as an area where donations and voluntary work provided to the institution would not be able to generate savings of financial resources or even covers the expenses. Analysis of electricity consumption bills of Casa Maria de Magdala showed an annual expenditure of roughly BRL R$ 96,000.00 (approximately USD 24,000.00) or BRL R$ 8,000.00 (USD 2,000.00) per month. Implementation of this project with installation of a photovoltaic power generating unit there will be a significant monthly saving for the institution. Financial resources saved by this project could be used to support core activities/services of Casa Maria de Magdala and part of these savings would be allocated to a fund for the maintenance of the photovoltaic power generating unit, which will include financing training of community members to perform maintenance services of the photovoltaic power generating unit.

The Community was involved through discussions between Rotary Club Niteroi's Project Committee directly with Casa Maria de Magdala's management, who identified the opportunity to save and release institution's resources, through cost savings with its need and consumption of electricity.

Community members will be hired to perform civil engineering services to build the structures that will house photovoltaic panels and machinery (for the generator and energy transmitter), in simple functions such as masons, helpers etc. and a training and capacity program will be developed so that community members are trained to perform maintenance services for the photovoltaic power generating unit.

Such training courses will be implemented using financial resources saved. The company hired to perform the services for installation of the photovoltaic power generating unit should commit itself to the training and qualification of the members of the community. Providing Community members' ability for maintaining the photovoltaic power generating unit is required for ensuring sustainability of the project and although maintenance of the unit is of low cost and could be supported by Casa Maria de Magdala's saving of resources (through the project), maintenance performed by members of the community who will be trained for this purpose is a fundamental point of the project, since it will create a permanent professional qualification program for young people living in such communities (GG 1877240).

Primary Host Partner

District: 4750

Rotary Club of: Niterói

Primary Contact: Ricardo Fonseca De Pinho

Email: ricardopinho@uol.com.br

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Need $68,499
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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