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Region: Africa

Country: Uganda

Location: Namuwongo Yoka Zone

Total Budget: $76,500

Areas of Focus: Water and sanitation, Economic and community development

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YOKA zone is part of a large slum in Kampala, Uganda's capital city. The zone has 2,000 adults and an estimated 3,000 children altogether 5,000 people. Many of the households are headed by women and youth due to long distance jobs for some of the husbands/ parents, alcoholism and other substance abuse. The YOKA community is mostly engaged in blue collar jobs or informal work including small retail trade amongst themselves, alcohol and drug vending, commercial sex work to mention but a few. While there are mostly temporary like structures for accommodation, there are also a number of dwellers that have no place of aboard, they sleep where they work. Majority of dwellers believe they don't have ample revenue to prioritize access to proper social services leading to a dire social status overall.

Community Needs Assessment

i) Sanitation/ Toilets; existing toilets are too few for the community. They include one public toilet with 6 stances and 4 private ones with a total of 8 stances. Altogether there are 12 stances for a population of 5,000 implying 1: 417 compared to the ideal of 1:40 stance to people ration. With the exception of one, all the other toilets are poorly managed and are highly unhygienic

ii) Clean Water; inadequate functional water taps whose water is very expensive at UGX 200/ $0.054 for 20litres. The community mostly resorts to using open wells that are heavily contaminated.

iii) Better waste disposal; the community is heavily littered with garbage mostly due to a lack of disposal control and disposal fee enforcement.

iv) No access routes to some parts of the slum limiting emergency and other service delivery

v) Better security and possibility of security lighting; high level of unemployment leading to rampant substance abuse such as alcohol, marijuana, miira etc whose effects have been high level of insecurity and defilement in some cases

vi) Improved household incomes; inadequate income generation activities and widespread unemployment especially among women led households and youth respectively. These have a negative effect on security and affordability of other social services like education for children and WASH

vii) Improved drainage system; There is a non-built big gully/ drainage which floods during the rainy season, cutting off some road network and being a cause of death for both children and adults due to drowning. At the same time the entire community is filled with ill kept dirty network of small drainages that pause additional hygiene challenges.

What the grant will do

a. Research

a. Conduct baseline, midterm and end-line research to understand the change in WASH knowledge, attitudes and practices among the community so as to improve and learn from the project as we go along.

b. Drainage

1. Reconstruct drainage and bridge with concrete and protect from garbage dumping

2. Construct guards to prevent accidents such as drowning

3. Institute a drainage caretaking system including penalties for its abuse.

c. Water

a. Educate the community and promote safe water use

b. Install 10 automated prepaid token water dispensing machines each at $1000 which will provide water at a fifth of the current price and prevent non-payment of bills

c. Work with community leadership to decommission contaminated wells and set up byelaws prohibiting use of well water

d. Construct an emergency mains water reservoir

d. Sanitation/ Toilets

a. Conduct Sanitation use behavior change communication

b. Improve functional toilets with Sato pans to improve quality of facilities and dignity of users

c. Construct 3 reflow environmentally and community friendly toilet blocks

d. Work with community leadership to train and institutionalize toilet hygiene standards including penalties for managing toilets below the agreed standard

e. Youth and women empowerment

a. Teach women and youth life, business and financial skills.

b. Provide seed money for youth and women projects

How club members will be involved

a. Teaching women and youth life and business skills

b. Conducting behavior change communication in the community

c. Conduct research interviews

Primary Host Partner

District: 9211

Rotary Club of: Kisugu-Victoria View, Kampala

Primary Contact: Kenneth Barigye

Email: kbarigye@aol.com

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Need $36,667
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #35500.

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