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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Hyderabad

Total Budget: $115,385

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

R.I. District 3150 has adopted Government High Schools to convert them as HAPPY SCHOOLS while the proposed project aims at "promoting these Government High Schools with safe drinking water and group hand washing facilities to ensure that necessary behavioural changes are inculcated among the children". This implies:

•Fifty schools lacking access to safe drinking water will have this facility in the school well maintained with health and hygiene practices;

•Hundred schools having no proper hand washing facility will be provided with group hand washing facility to inculcate the habit of washing their hands before meal and after using the toilet.

•Necessary behavioural changes are inculcated among the children in these schools and all the children follow good and healthy practices not only in the school but also act as agents of change by preaching them at household and community level;

•Child committees are promoted and strengthened to constantly monitor the proper usage and maintenance of these structures;

•School Management Committees are streamlined and are actively involved in the regular functioning of the schools and overseeing the progress of the children and taking steps to improve the quality of education eventually;

Parents meetings are regularised and child-friendly and parent-friendly atmosphere is created in these schools;

The project will directly benefit 14,000 children studying in hundred Government schools at present. However, the project indirectly benefits the total population of fifteen and surrounding habitations as these schools cater the needs of the children of all these habitations.Rotary District 3150 has been pioneer in addressing the needs of children in Government schools, especially in rural areas. Its close association with these schools through their adoption program has yielded significant results in improving the quality of education in these respective schools apart from the following significant elements to make these schools child friendly and parent friendly:

•Enhanced infrastructure facilities by fulfilling all the required amenities including furniture and fittings in the schools; Provision of adequate teaching and learning material;

•Improving the capacities and capabilities of teaching faculty and constantly motivating them to perform their tasks effectively;

•Regularised health and moral education classes for the children; Periodic health check-up camps;

•Organising educational, recreational, sports, extra-curricular and national events among the children at the school level and also inter-school;

•Conducting parents meetings periodically to enlighten the progress of the children and to have inter-active sessions in between the teachers and parents;

•Strengthening School Management Committees and ensure they perform their tasks effectively and efficiently for the better functioning of the schools with the improved quality of education;

•Promotion of child forums and child protection committees and enabling them to ensure their rights are fulfilled as stipulated in the Right to Education Act;

Primary Host Partner

District: 3150

Rotary Club of: Guntur

Primary Contact: J Ranga Rao

Email: ranga3150@gmail.com

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Need $80,962
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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