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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Mumbai

Total Budget: $77,000

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

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A Committee of Rotary Club of Bombay Central [RCBC] for Utilization of Solar Energy was formed as a Thrust Area initiative of Rotary District 3141.The committee for RCBC was headed BY Director - Thrust Area who nominated & supervised the work of the committee.

The selection of the project was based on the following criteria set by the Committee and endorsed by Director - Thrust Area, RCBC:

•Should be in RCBC District area, to be easily supervised.

•Should be a charitable organization who would benefit the society by substantial saving of electricity charges.

•The organization should be well managed and willing to manage this project. They should make such a commitment in writing.

The Committee zeroed in on provision of Solar Energy at People's Mobile Hospital, Worli with whom RCBC has been partnering in dialysis project since many years.

Peoples Mobile Hospital [PMH] is a charitable, day care hospital with no overnight beds, with 70 years of service for the poor and needy. It is well managed by a Registered Trust. Dr. Rajan M Doctor, Chief Medical Director of the hospital, supports the planned project. The trustees of the Hospital Trust, have given a written commitment to maintain the project after the first 3 years. They treat over 3000 patients per month in various departments like Dental, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Sonography, and Physiotherapy. Their most popular department is dialysis.


Tony Seba- Stanford University Futurist, in his speech to the Clean Energy Action, Sunshine Awards 2017 on June 8, 2017 at Boulder, Colorado, USA said

" That since 1970,while the cost of all the power generation in the conventional systems has gone up by 6 to 16 times, The cost of solar power has come down by 200 times. The Solar is energy of the future & 100% of energy generation in near future will be Solar."


Solar power in India is a fast developing activity. As of October 2017 the country's solar grid has a cumulative capacity of 15.60 gigawatts as stated on Wikipedia. As part of India's to-do list from Paris' COP 21 climate Summit, the proposal was to create renewable energy to the tune of 175 gigawatts by 2022. Of this 100 gigawatts was to be solar energy. Going by the current capacity it seems that there is a long way to go but all the same it is also indicative of the emphasis the government is laying on the development of solar power generation. Thus every project, public and private is all going to contribute enormously to the collective capacity of the countries solar energy capability.


In 1999 the PMH commenced Dialysis with 1 machine. At present they runs 17 Dialysis machines - 3shifts a day [ 4 hours each] for 6 days per week.[ They propose to increase to 22 Dialysis machines in the near future] This works out to over 300 Dialysis per week & over 15, 500, year.

In India Dialysis is carried out in a day care hospital, unlike in USA & Europe where it is carried out at home personally. The regular charges per sitting are ₹ 3000/-[$ 46] while the PMH charges ₹ 400/- [$6] per sitting. This subsidized rate for Dialysis is a great boon to society at large. Many poor sufferers' que up for the dialysis facility twice or thrice a week.

Major running costs of Dialysis are the medicines & Electrical charges [for running the Dialysis machines & Air conditioning]. We propose to reduce the electrical costs by 90%, to enable the hospital to carry out more Dialysis at subsidized rate and help benefit the society at large. The savings are expected to be ₹ 100, 000/- [$1540] per month. This will enable the hospital to carry out 250 more dialysis per month or 3000 additional dialysis per year.


The large terrace of the hospital is unused and there is adequate space available for installation of solar panels, even for project of maximum scale contemplated. This has been agreed to by the Director Medical of the Hospital. Space required ranges from 6500 sq feet [620 sq. Meters] for 65 KVA project, to 11,500 sq feet [1100 sq Meters.] for project of 125KVA. Total electricity consumption of hospital is approx. 125 KVA, of this about 93 KVA is reported to be consumption of Dialysis unit. We plan to replace 85 KVA [90%] by solar generation

•There was a concern that the hospital is located in an area where several high rise buildings exist and

•One more across the road is under construction.

•Risk of shadow from a high rise building (under construction) across main road to east of hospital. Building is expected to be 50 stories high, but we have assumed 100 stories in our analysis as a safety.

•There are no tall buildings on north or south, and there is a garden to west. Even if any structures come up here, there will be no shadow effect on hospital.

•This conclusion was reached after month by month analysis of the movement of shadows cast by the sun for each of the months - January to December.[ Copy available]


•The Current power bill of the hospital is ₹ 1,800,000/- [$ 27,700 ] per Year

•A likely reduction in power bill for the Hospital will be ₹.1, 224, 000/- [$18,830]per year

•P M Hospital consumption of Electrical power from BEST[Present Electrical Power supplying agency] is 125 KVA

•Capacity of Solar project: 85 KVA

•Reduction in power consumption of 68% will result.

•Hospital can carry out 3000 additional dialysis per year.


The solar panels have a life of 20-25 years They need to be cleaned at regular interval which will be carried out by PMH. We have built in a three year free maintenance in the cost of the project. Future maintenance will be carried out by the PMH. The benefits of the project will last for at least 20-25 years to PMH & hence to the society at large.


The project envisages replacing Coal/ Gas Generated Power with Solar Power, it will reduce greenhouse effect by the CO2. It will also reduce the PM10 in the atmosphere, thus leading to a more congenial & friendly environment. There will also be no transmission loses of power since the generation & consumption will be at the same point.


This project has multiple social benefits:

•It is ecologically beneficial due to reduction in Co2 gas and PM 10 particulate matter.

•It cuts down the cost per Dialysis for the Hospital.

•It increases the number of dialysis performed per year by 20%.

•It has negligible running costs.


Payback period for investment of 5,000,000 @ 1,224,000 per year is 4 years.


•The power bill of the hospital will be reduced by 68% per year

•The hospital can carry out 3000 more dialysis per year with the same budget.


In this project the exchange rate has been taken as $1 = ₹65


The funds required would be about $77,000 [₹ 5,000,000 only] and likely funding scenario is as under:

OUR CLUB RCBC/ DONOR - $ 15,000 ₹ 975,000

DRFC [DISTRICT FUND EXPECTED] $ 15,000 ₹ 975,000

A. Total Host Club & District $ 30,000 ₹ 1,950,000



B. Total Partner club & District $ 14,000.


Total of A+B+C = $77,000.


We request your club to be our partners in this humanitarian, ecologically beneficial, self-sustaining, global grants project.


We have got quotations from 3 contractors and have short listed one who has vast experience and is presently carrying out & has carried out projects of similar size.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3141

Rotary Club of: Bombay Central

Primary Contact: Vijay Puri

Email: rcbcprez1819@gmail.com

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