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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: Nepal

Location: Katmandu

Total Budget: $51,799

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation, Maternal and child health

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Biogas is a clean, nonpolluting, and cheap source of energy in rural areas. It consists of 55-70% methane, which is flammable. Biogas is produced from cattle dung and human waste in a bio gas plant commonly known as a gobar gas plant through a process called digestion.

The objectives are to: (1) provide fuel for cooking purposes, (2) organic manure, (3) mitigate drudgery of rural women spending hours collecting wood (thus also reducing deforestation), and (4) improve sanitation in villages by linking sanitary latrines with biogas plants.

• Jim Mayfield, CHOICE co-founder, 2 minute YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRXrjP017oA&feature=em-subs_digest

• Benefits

• Health

- Reduces upper respiratory illnesses caused by smoke inhalation

- Women's life expectancy improvement: 38 to 58 years of age

- Infant mortality rate decreases

- Sanitary latrines

- Reduction in density of flies and other insects that transfer disease and

viruses; reduction in contamination from fecal matter in food preparation

• Environment

- Deforestation lessened

- Natural fertilizer created

• Time

- Not collecting wood...many women in extreme poverty can spend up to 4

hours/day collecting wood and/or water

• Step towards ending extreme poverty

- With increased time in day not devoted to wood collection, women can use the

time for literacy, economic development, and other worthwhile activities

benefiting their families

• CHOICE Humanitarian overview:

• Mission: end extreme poverty

• International Development NGO

- Sustainability

- Leadership Development

- Gender Equity

• Founded: 1982

• Currently working in 7 countries, including Nepal

• Focus Areas: Education, Health, Environment, Cultural Preservation, and

Economic Development

• Through collaboration with other organizations (governments, NGOs, etc.)

CHOICE's project funds are typically leveraged $4.50 to every $1 CHOICE


• Project Goals:

• 100 biogas digesters and dry latrines

• Rotary International $35K grant

- As a result of RI's contribution, another $30-35K will be leveraged from

the Nepali government, Villagers, and CHOICE

• Location: Rainas and Sundarbazar municipalities in Lamjung (total population


• 1 year from start time for completion of work and training

• Villager Selection Process

• Must contribute both labor and some of their own funding to project

• Local leaders give have priority to the poorest

• Has sufficient cattle to help produce 36kg of waste/day

• Elevation below 1,300 meters above sea level (hot enough climate for

microorganisms to break down waste within tank via anaerobic digestion)

• Participant Roles


- Organizes family, trains family on biogas and dry latrine technologies,

assists with placement preparation, oversees construction, provides

experienced staff to be on-site during and after construction to insure

proper operation.

- With full-time, native in-country staff in Nepal, CHOICE's In-Country

Director (ICD) will be in regular contact with the local Rotary Club

partners with updates, photos, and financials regarding the project as it

is carried out. They will also host site visits to the villages for the

local Nepali Rotary Club members to evaluate progress and assure that funds

are being used efficiently, effectively, and for the purpose they were


- Field teams will also send monthly updates on project progress to CHOICE

headquarters. These reports will be copied to the partnering Rotary Clubs

in the US. CHOICE will also be happy to host international visits to any

Rotary member in the US interested in going on-site.

• Villagers: Manually dig holes, provide sand for the concrete mix, and provide

rock and fill for construction phase.

• Government: Provides some concrete and other materials and supplies, and

provides on-site supervisor of construction.

• Rotary: Supplies all other concrete needed, biogas unit stove for the kitchen,

and gas lines from biogas unit to kitchen facility; also, provides additional

on-site skilled labor.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3292

Rotary Club of: Kathmandu Metro

Primary Contact: Santosh Gyawali

Email: santgyawali@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5440

Rotary Club of: Fort Collins After Work

Primary Contact: Bryan Thompson

Email: btstttct@gmail.com

Project Status

This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #17580.

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History Log Entries


System Entry

System Entry: Creation of project page.


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $3,000 by Robin Steele of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins, District 5440.


by Bryan Thompson

System Entry: Pledge of $3,000 by Bryan Thompson of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins After Work, District 5440.


by John Trone

System Entry: Pledge of $2,000 by John Trone of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins, District 5440.


by Bryan Thompson

System Entry: Pledge of $6,500 DDF by Bryan Thompson of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins After Work, District 5440.


by Bryan Thompson

System Entry: Pledge of $2,000 with $3,500 DDF by Santosh Gyawali of the Rotary Club of Kathmandu Metro, District 3292.


by Bryan Thompson

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".


by Bryan Thompson

System Entry: Project reverted to "Published".


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $1,500 by Dan Smargon through the Matching Grants Website DAF.


by Philippe Lamoise

System Entry: Pledge of $1,500 by Dugan Moore through the Matching Grants Website DAF.


by Philippe Lamoise

System Entry: Pledge of $1,250 anonymously through the Matching Grants Website DAF.


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $2,000 by CSU Rotoract of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins, District 5440.


System Entry

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".


by Bryan Thompson


The Global Grant G-1353 is still in process. We are finalizing the application to RI for the Global Grant matching funds. This has taken some time to complete because we are working with CHOICE Humanitarian and the local Nepal Rotary and CHOICE organizations to plan the project.

Our goal is to submit this project to RI by the end or April 2018. If anyone has any questions about the project please let me know.

Yours in Rotary,

Bryan Thompson


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $3 by Judi through the Matching Grants Website DAF.


by Bryan Thompson

We are in the process of conducting a community assessment for this project. Once it has been completed, we will be ready to submit the project to RI for final review and approval.


by Bryan Thompson

Project still in design phase. Expect to have final approvals by end of January 2019.


by Philippe Lamoise

System Entry: Project dropped by Philippe Lamoise.

Reason for dropping: Per Bryan Thompson the project was not approved by RI. Another project will be submitted at a later date.

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