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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Coimbatore

Total Budget: $38,400

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

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ROTARY COIMBATORE IKONS - Community Service Project - English Literacy

Hello Sirs,

As part of it's Community service the Rotary Ikons from Coimbatore has embarked on a Literacy Project in Coimbatore which aims to promote and teach English at Corporation schools in Coimbatore.

Mission : To get the children of Tamil medium corporation school in class 6th to read , write , think, comprehend and speak English . Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of children to sharpen their English literacy, and reduce gender disparity in education. We support education for all children and literacy for children . And to reach this goal , we will train and certify enough teachers to ensure the sustainability of this project .

Reasoning : In today's Indian education system it is impossible for bright children from economically underprivileged section who are educated in their regional language to excel in their higher education . This is because in India , all undergraduate and post graduate education is in English . This happens to become an handicap for brilliant children to progress in life .



The key need is to provide a sustainable means of improving the quality of English education in these schools by providing trained teachers , equip them with the tools to teach their students the English language and communication skills the children need to further their education and carrier .

I am researching a Global Grant application to help with the english proficiency of children for whom English is alien.

Our application, which I hope will be for about [40,000/-USD] in all, will cover the program by providing trained teachers and study materials for children at the school . The pilot project covered 640 children from 4 Municipal Corporation school.

The Rotary Ikons will partner with a Vendor who`s business is systematized training in English proficiency in this endevour . As pilot the project will begin with four schools in Coimbatore.


1. The programme consists of multi-media as well as pen & paper educational content that is 100% functional and mapped to the National curriculum framework of India. Children use learning tools like games, songs, stories and videos to learn English in a fun and interactive way - all under the guidance of their teachers. The content for this project has been curated based on our experience we gained from our pilot into the learning needs of children studying in grades 6 and the language levels of children learning English as a second or a third language in vernacular medium schools across the country.

Ikons will implement the project in the schools thus.

2. The Trained teacher will possess the capacity for delivering high quality, outcome focused training, who will use the communicative English teaching methodology. This will involve communicative methodology, how to create a learner-centered classroom, a range of interactive activities, outcome-focused lesson planning, classroom management and much more. The Trained Teachers will work on improving their presentation skills and will also be introduced to and practice giving effective feedback and appropriate error correction. Teachers will deliver micro-teaching sessions where they implement the techniques they've learned on the course which feed into each teachers' portfolio.

To understand the project better ....read further

Proposed Approach

Our proposed approach has three key components:

A. Use of the trained teacher model: We propose to use STEP trained trainers on our teaching methods and approach to deliver programs to students in an approximately 1:45 ratio, something that we believe is necessary for the overall program to succeed. Components of the program for the trainers include the use of Systematic Teaching English Proficiency pedagogy, tools and methodology for delivering our program in the classroom.

1. Classroom delivery of content: The students will be given training through Baseline assessment of the child's English proficiency

2. 80 hours classroom activity (26 weeks, 3times/week, 1 period) including of 40 hours of personalized training modules for the students based on their strengths and weaknesses that can be accessed under the guidance of the facilitator

3. Periodic assessments to ensure that students are making progress

4. Final KALVI-Plus certificate based on their end-of year programs

B. Ongoing engagement of students and trainers

1. 200 copies of news paper In School to be distributed for 120 days among the students. This is a key part of ongoing learning, both in class and out of class. Specific activities are designed around engaging with the newspaper and are a key way to reinforce what the children learn in class. In addition, these papers are also available on non-class days and to other students in the school, bringing change to the overall environment

2. A one-day checkpoint workshop every quarter to keep trainers on track

3. Support for classroom and teaching pedagogy with our teaching team


Our costs for this program, including all of the above components, will be 38,400/- USD plus taxes, as applicable for the three year period per batch of 640 students.

Cost includes:

Course materials and books

End of course certificate

Cost does not include:

Local travel for trainers (to be arranged for by client or billed on actuals)

Trainer costs such as travel, accommodation and subsistence will be borne by vendor if trainers need to travel.

Service and other charges will be additional and applicable as per Indian Govt. regulations


Please Note:

In order to have the necessary critical mass for this programme to be effective we recommend that a minimum of four schools ( 640 students ) participate in the programme.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3201

Rotary Club of: Coimbatore Ikons

Primary Contact: Karthikeyan

Email: ikonsenglish@gmail.com

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Need $20,600
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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