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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Fort Collins

Total Budget: $245,000

Area of Focus: Economic and community development

Activity Type: Community Development: Construction/Renovation

Summary: Fort Collins

This project uses DDF awarded the Rotary Club of Fort Collins in the Literacy Challenge.

The Eastside Community Park, located adjacent to Laurel Elementary School in Fort Collins, needs revitalization to transform the area into a safe and meaningful community space. There have been school lock-downs, sexual assaults, and transient issues that have created concerns for the safety of students and residents and created a generally unappealing. environment. The City of Fort Collins is working with community businesses and organizations to design and re-construct the park. The project has the coaching and support of CityGive; a newly-launched initiative within the City of Fort Collins to support philanthropic community activities. A number of local and neighborhood businesses and organizations are interested in supporting this project. Presentations are being made to the four Rotary Clubs of Fort Collins to determine interest in becoming one of the sponsors of this project.

Project objectives include:

1. Transform an existing, dated park into a vibrant community space through open spaces and greenways.

2. Improve community space in a commitment to reduce negative park activity, and strengthen community safety.

3. Spark neighborhood connections and sense of community through neighborhood events.

4. Leverage the newly-launched City Give as a vehicle to serve the community and engage traditional and nontraditional donors across our community.

5 Improve, maintain and program an existing park in a commitment to promote a sense of neighborhood, and invite increased use and social belonging.

Project Contact Person

District: 5440

Rotary Club of: Fort Collins After Work

Primary Contact: William A Emslie

Email: emslie.bill@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $243,500
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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