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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Escondido

Total Budget: $8,000

Area of Focus: Community economic development

Activity Type: Community Development: General

Summary: Supplying Bikes to Kids in under served areas of Escondido

We partner with a national organization to provide bicycles to an entire 3rd grade class here in Escondido. Last year we gave out 120 bikes which cost us $65.00 each. The bikes are delivered to one of our members businesses where about 20 of us assembled them. We then delivered them to the chosen school prior to a class assembly in the gym, where all the children were waiting for the winner of an essay to be announced. Over the course of the next 40 minutes several kids received bikes for writing excellent essays, then the kids were told there wouldn't be one more bike to be given out. Indeed, there would be a bike for each child there.Last year we used club funds to pay for half of the bikes, and individual members paid for the rest. All told we had 50 members each buy one or more bikes. This was a very successful and rewarding community outreach event. This is for under served kids, and their families. The project takes place a week before the Holidays in December. All funds will be used to purchase the bicycles.

Project Contact Person

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Escondido Sunrise

Primary Contact: Mike OMalley

Email: charged4life1@gmail.com

Project Status

This project is "Paid". This means that the funds from the district have been issued. This project is now being ready for implementation. When this is done, a report needs to be uploaded on the project page and the "Reported" button needs to be clicked, then the status of the project will be changed to "Reported".

Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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by Mike Whitehurst

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