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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Salmon

Total Budget: $1,000

Area of Focus: Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

Activity Type: Community Development: General

Summary: Provide meals for 6th to 8th graders participating in the 10-week Salmon Empowerment Project

The Salmon Empowerment Project provides opportunities for 6th to 8th graders to experience outdoor adventures, engage in character development, build healthy relationships and grow in confidence utilizing the outdoors. During these 10 weeks the kids will be horseback riding, whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, wilderness survival, kayaking, etc. giving these kids the opportunity to learn about the area they live in. The project begins June 10, 2019 for 10 weeks with activities 3 times weekly. SEP provides the kids with lunch and breakfast for those that need.

Salmon Rotary proposes to give SEP $100 weekly toward the cost of meals. Salmon Rotary will be volunteering at several fundraising activities SEP is hosting to get supporting funds for their activities.

Project Contact Person

District: 5400

Rotary Club of: Salmon

Primary Contact: Robin Watkins

Email: robin@cdabud.com

Project Status

This project is "Paid". This means that the funds from the district have been issued. This project is now being ready for implementation. When this is done, a report needs to be uploaded on the project page and the "Reported" button needs to be clicked, then the status of the project will be changed to "Reported".

Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Robin Watkins

System Entry: Project sent for club signatures.


by Robin Watkins

System Entry: Project signed by Robin Watkins.


System Entry

System Entry: Project signed by Tina Dettloff.


by Ines Crespo

System Entry: Project approved by the District Approval Committee.


by T. J. Adams

System Entry: Check for DDF payment issued by Foundation Treasurer.

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