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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Helena, MT

Total Budget: $3,359

Area of Focus: Community economic development

Activity Type: Community Development: General

Summary: Washer, Dryer and Security Cameras purchased and installed at the YWCA

Rotary Club of Helena Sunrise has chosen to help the Helena YWCA this year with our district grant. The YWCA has needed a new washer and dryer for several months. Having a functional washer and dryer on site will allow the women and children who reside in the local YWCA to have clean clothes on a regular basis for the purpose of rejoining and supporting our community.

The YWCA has a program called the "Caterpillars Parenting Center". This Center provides parenting classes to support and strengthen parent-child relationships, provides supervised parenting time when necessary or ordered by the Court, and allows for the safe exchange of children from one parent to the other without the parents being in contact with one another, either by choice or by court order. The YWCA has requested 4 security cameras to be installed in the Caterpillars Parenting Center for the safety and security of the children, parents and staff of the YWCA.

Rotary members will purchase the washer, dryer and security cameras and will install them at the YWCA. Unless unforeseen supply issues occur, the project should be completed within one month of receipt of grant funds. The security cameras cost $389.99 each, for a total of $1,559.96. The washer and dryer, with requisite hoses and installation parts cost $1,800.00. Therefore, the total project is estimated to cost $3,359.96.

Addendum to Project Description (added after the project was signed)

There is an error in the financing portion of the project. It should be as follows:

Rotary of Helena Sunrise will contribute $1,680.96

We are asking for a District Grant in the amount of $1,679.00

There is no contribution from Kalispell.

Project Contact Person

District: 5390

Rotary Club of: Helena Sunrise

Primary Contact: Kristina Warren

Email: kristina.kkw@gmail.com

Project Status

This project is "Paid". This means that the funds from the district have been issued. This project is now being ready for implementation. When this is done, a report needs to be uploaded on the project page and the "Reported" button needs to be clicked, then the status of the project will be changed to "Reported".

Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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Project update Dec 2019

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History Log Entries


System Entry

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Lucy Smith

System Entry: Pledge of $1 by Lucy Smith of the Rotary Club of Kalispell, District 5390.


by Lucy Smith

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".


by Kristina Warren

System Entry: Project sent for club signatures.


by Kristina Warren

System Entry: Project signed by Kristina Warren.


System Entry

System Entry: Project signed by Murray Strong.


System Entry

System Entry: Project signed by Michelle Vanisko.


by Brian T Furey

System Entry: Project approved by the District Approval Committee.


by Kristina Warren

Uploaded bank statement showing matching funds.


by Sue Carstens

System Entry: Check for DDF payment issued by Foundation Treasurer.


by Kristina Warren

Uploaded December 2019 status report

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