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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Total Budget: $150,000

Area of Focus: Economic and community development

Activity Type: Community Development: Construction/Renovation

Summary: Construct multi-use ADA trail to facilitate public access to all Glen Lake Rotary Park facilities, Bozeman, Montana, USA

80 acre Glen Lake Rotary Park (GLRP) (formerly East Gallatin Recreation Area) is accessed via a dirt road and dirt parking areas that severely limit access to a myriad of Park facilities for those with limited mobility. The ADA trails project is part of a much larger multi-year, multi-partner Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club (BSRC) planned project for paved roads, parking, and trails through GLRP. District grant funds will be combined with funds from a Montana FWP grant, Gianforte Family Foundation Grant, Dennis and Phyllis Washington Grant, Home Depot Grant, REI Grant, NorthWestern Energy road construction, Ebbighausen Construction residential road construction, BSRC funding, BSRC Bank loans, hundreds of discounted professional planning, landscaping and engineering design and BSRC member volunteer hours to complete 2,870 linear feet (LF) of ten foot wide paved trail through the Park. The estimated cost of the trail is approximately $150,000. District grant funding will be applied directly to the construction of the ADA trails along with the above funding. The ADA trails project will be completed before winter 2019. BSRC club members wrote the Park Master Plan, won City of Bozeman and MT FWP approval of the Plan. BSRC members wrote and received grant funding to design the roads, parking and trails project and won City of Bozeman approval of the design and plan. BSRC club members garnered public support for the project and formed partnerships with the City of Bozeman Parks and Rec Dept, NorthWestern Energy and Ebbighausen Construction to make this project viable. BSRC Club members will collaborate with the contractors and oversee the construction along with the City of Bozeman and MT FWP.

Project Contact Person

District: 5390

Rotary Club of: Bozeman Sunrise

Primary Contact: Ted Campbell

Email: bozemanokie@gmail.com

Project Status

This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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by Brian T Furey

System Entry: Project dropped by Brian T Furey.

Reason for dropping: Project dropped per the request of Ted Campbell

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